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Barrisol are by some distance the world market leaders in stretch ceiling technology.  Their constant innovation and obsession with quality has enabled them to build an unrivalled brand presence in the market.  No other stretch ceiling manufacturer comes close.

Waverley are pleased to have been appointed official dealers for Barrisol in London and the South East.

With a highly accomplished team of factory trained installers and a technical and sales team that have many years’ experience with delivering complex stretch ceiling projects, we will be delighted to engage with you to provide a best-in-class service to architects, interior designers, contractors and end clients.

Why choose a Stretch Ceiling?

  • Bring out your creativity and adapt to any form, situation or place
  • Optimal acoustic performance up to αw 1.0
  • Incorporate lighting to bring the ceiling to life and create stunning room sets
  • Suitable for use in moist environments – eg over swimming pool areas
  • A highly sustainable option compared to other ceiling types, and can be 100% recycled at the end of its life
  • Low maintenance and can be taken down and reinstalled with ease, should access be required to any items above the ceiling
  • With more than 20 unique system offerings and over 200 different finishes, including printing options, there truly is a Barrisol Stretch Ceiling to suit every application.
  • We will be glad to help with more information or discuss your project.

Contact us on 01252 737973 or barrisol@waverley.co.uk

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