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Note: Our CPD is currently being updated, on track to be completed by the end of March this year. Entitled 'Improving Sustainability through Performance Solar Shading', the 45 minute session will cover how architects can harness the potential of metallised fabrics to improve building efficiency. To pre-book, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or email mandy@waverley.co.uk, specifying you'd like to book our updated CPD. Bookings for the current CPD are still available.

Part of our service to architects includes a RIBA-approved CPD presentation delivered to your team, either in person at your offices or online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The CPD lasts approximately 45 minutes and helps architects and specifiers understand that well-informed choices regarding solar shading can have a massive impact on keeping a building’s carbon footprint to a minimum whilst improving the health and well-being of the building's occupants.

Entitled ‘Solar Shading to Improve Your Environmental Credentials’ it is an engaging and ‘hands-on’ seminar that provides invaluable information on key issues facing architects specifying solar shading products. It has proved a hugely popular CPD that highlights the dramatic difference correctly specified window blinds can have on the energy efficiency of buildings, especially when these blinds are connected to a building management system.

The CPD teaches the science behind solar heat gain and why heat build-up and solar glare occur. It highlights why blinds which give through-vision are important to occupant health and well-being, and explains where window blinds and solar shading fit within BREEAM. We include a practical demonstration to illustrate how important fabric specification is by showing the difference in performance between a standard screen fabric and a metallised screen fabric.

We are happy to fit in with the time that suits your team best, whether at lunchtime or any other hour of the working day.  Some practices prefer a breakfast meeting which can be arranged. When we present online, we still include a live experiment.

What others say


CPD Feedback

Liked the product and experimental session. Very smart system. Would consider specifying.


CPD Feedback

Very well presented, engaging, & interactive.

Thank you for what was a very interesting CPD. Very good products.


CPD Feedback

Clear & concise & interesting; a lot of useful information; excellent presentation.

Dexter Moren

CPD Feedback

Presenter was very helpful.

Enjoyed the interactive aspect of the CPD. Very well explained.

Atelier Ten

CPD Feeback

We had a great time yesterday at Richard's presentation, thank you for organising it.

Arcadis Manchester

CPD Feedback

Very informative - the information on metallised fabric was particularly useful regarding projects I work on

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