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Exciting New Range of Decorative Screens

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Decorative Screens


We are excited to announce that we have three new Decorative Screens products added to our DrapeTech range: Coil Mesh, ShimmerScreen and Strands.

These bespoke systems offer immense possibilities for interior projects, with a wide variety of finishes and applications.

Coil Mesh

Coil Mesh woven wire is a stylish and flexible screening solution. Translucency, texture and light reflection make this beautifully intricate mesh ideal for dividing spaces, decorating walls and columns, window treatments…

… and ceiling features.

Coil Mesh is available as curtains or panels and suitable for static and sliding applications.


ShimmerScreen bead chain screens are a stunning design element, suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be used to divide or enclose spaces…

… while still allowing air and light to diffuse, or as ceiling and lighting features…

… as wall, column and window screening, or just adding texture and shading to any space.


Our Strands are made of fine soft threads, offering a gentle and elegant treatment for dividing spaces…

… and for drapery, decorative panels and ceiling features.

Strands are suitable for static installations or can be operated with manual or motorised control.

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