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Let illuminated stretch ceilings change the way you think about lighting

By: Caroline Szeremeta Category: Expert AdviceInsightsStretch Ceilings

Good lighting lifts the mood in a room. It sets the tone – warm and relaxing, focused and task-oriented, atmospheric and moody, the options are endless. 

LEDs have revolutionised the way we light interiors. They reduce energy consumption, are maintenance-free and have seemingly limitless colours and options (we’ve all seen their impact on Christmas decorations!) 

Yet, while the bulbs may change, the basic lighting formats for office and domestic use remain stuck in a rut. Strip lights, spotlights, pendants and panel lights remain the predominant ceiling fixtures. 

Until now. Say “hello” to the illuminated stretch ceiling. A new application which offers a different approach to shaping and controlling light in a variety of spaces. 

Here we explore how illuminated stretch ceilings can change the way we think about lighting. 

What is a stretch ceiling? 

A stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and a lightweight membrane which stretches and clips into the track.  

It is faster and easier to install than traditional suspended ceilings and is incredibly versatile: membrane can fit any shape, and the perimeter track can be bent to follow the most complex of ceiling perimeters. Most importantly, the ceiling’s appearance can be adapted to integrate seamlessly with your design concept. There is more information elsewhere on our website about stretch ceiling benefits and options.  

Lighting with a stretch ceiling 

Illuminated stretch ceilings are backlit using LED strips mounted above the fabric. This provides a consistent and evenly diffused illumination which: 

  • Reduces glare 
  • Appears more like natural daylight shining through a window in the roof, rather than overhead lighting 
  • Uses much less power than traditional ceiling spots or panel lighting 
  • Can be combined with intelligent auto-dimming and colour change technology to create cooler, white light during the day and a warmer, softer tone in the evening
  • Can even be used to highlight decorative features and printed designs on the fabric to add drama to the space.

Ideal locations for illuminated stretch ceilings 

This combination of stunning aesthetics and imagination lighting makes stretch ceilings ideal as a statement feature in public spaces like lobbies, hallways and receptions. They are also popular in event venues and for personalising entertainment and leisure areas in high-end homes. 

The highly controllable light source also makes them the ideal ceiling for bedrooms (to support circadian rhythms) and for offices, where users want to nurture a productive environment with strong wellbeing characteristics. 

What’s the best-illuminated stretch ceiling brand?  

Using the superb Barrisol range, we work with clients to design aesthetically exceptional and highly practical illuminated stretched ceilings. 

Barrisol Light Lines® transform how spaces are illuminated.  The creative and adaptable profiles along with the reduced power consumption help to achieve a clean, energy-efficient lighting line.  The concealed integration within the full range of Barrisol stretch products ensures sleek lighting systems are provided without the requirement for additional diffusers. 

We are official Barrisol dealers for London and the South East. We work with specifiers to transform design concepts into stunning and practical shading, screening and acoustic solutions for all commercial and public sector space. 


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