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Waverley have partnered with QMotion to bring a wireless motorised shading solution to the commercial market that's truly like no other.

Meet ShadeTech RBL-QM

A ShadeTech Roller Blind, powered by QMotion Technology

Hybrid Motorised

Powered by standard D-Cell batteries, with up to 3 years worth of power.

4 Stop Positions

No more inconsistent stop positions - RBL-QM comes with 4 customisable stop position presets as standard.

Entirely Wireless

All of the benefits of motorised blinds, with zero wires. RBL-QM is the only motorised blind with manual override.

Virtually Silent

At 38 dB, RBL-QM is one of the quietest roller blinds in production, ensuring your blinds will be seen, but not heard.

How does it work?

QMotion motors are often said to be battery powered but perhaps a more accurate description would be that they are battery triggered.  

A heavily patented system employs a series of counter balanced springs that carry much of the weight of the fabric and the load on the motor is reduced accordingly.

Due to the special counter-balancing springs installed within the roller tube itself, the fully recyclable D-Cell batteries provide up to 3 years usage.

Why Choose QMotion?



Many architects and specifiers have found that RBL-QM is an easy product to specify.

Where manual blinds have grown outdated for the space, many specifiers turn to QMotion as it offers the perfect retrofit solution. It does not require any complex wiring or electrical works, meaning there is no damage to existing decor.

QMotion motors are extremely versatile, and can be controlled via wireless wall switch or remote, or by a tug on the bottom bar - reducing accidental damage.


Land Developers

Over the years we've learnt developers want their buildings to look at their best with as little maintenance as possible.

But many roller blinds do not have customisable stop presets, therefore from the outside, the roller blinds are not aligned.

RBL-QM is an obvious choice. With up to 4 customisable stop presets, your blinds maintain uniformity at the touch of a button.


Corporate Clients

We're seeing more and more corporate clients investing in offices that are 'smart'.

With the rise in demand for wireless control of all facilities throughout a building, roller blinds have also joined the list of items that are controlled remotely.

However, as companies look to upgrade window treatments to follow suit, they're often faced with costly wiring and electrical works which can damage existing decor, and create complex structural issues.

As QMotion powered roller blinds are completely wireless, there's no need for wiring of any sort, saving time and money, whilst maintaining the same level of functionality - the perfect retrofit solution.

Are the batteries recyclable?

Yes, all batteries used are fully recyclable. As part of our maintenance package, we replace and recycle all used batteries.

Does QMotion integrate with existing automation systems?

Yes, QMotion is compatible with all well-known automation systems.

The blinds work natively with Control4 and QMotion blind motors have native ZigBee protocol receivers.

We are also able to offer a Cat6 wired solution that not only provides control via RS485 ports on the rear of the QMotion QIS Power/Communication panel, but also the 24v power for the blinds.

Other Integration partners with QMotion drivers include world class brands including Vantage, Crestron, RTI, Bang & Olufsen, & URC.

Can I upgrade manual Qbasic+ blinds to motorised at a later date?

Yes - this is great option for those who don't have the budget to purchase motorised blinds, allowing them to future proof their buildings, so they can upgrade in the future.

How quiet are they?

Near silent! At 38 dB, QMotion roller blinds are one of the quietest in their field.

What control options are there?

RBL-QM can be controlled via remote, smartphone, voice, automation system, and manual override - truly a first in the industry.

How easy is it to change the batteries?

Batteries can be easily replaced by removing the battery cover and taking out the old battery. Replacing the battery does not involve removing the tube from the brackets.

If you'd rather our team took care of maintenance, speak to a project consultant to explore our packages further.

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