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Screening & Shading for Patio Doors

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Say Hello to Centor S2 and S4 Sideways Pulling Blinds from Waverley! These screens offer clean unfussy styling and are designed to fit virtually any patio door – whether folding, French or sliding.

So, what are these sideways pulling blinds? In short, a single blind system in a frame that covers the full width of the opening with a choice of light filtering fabrics, blockout fabrics and insect screens. So, for instance, at the same area of glazing you could have a choice of insect screen and also blockout fabric for privacy and complete light filtering.

When not in use, the screen or shade retracts discreetly into the frame, removing any visual distractions to the outside view, whilst also protecting it from possible damage, dust and dirt.

With unique load balancing technology, the fingertip operation allows the screen or shade or glide smoothly across the opening and effortlessly stop at any desired position.

A brief overview:

  • Fingertip operation – engineered to glide from any height
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes headbox, side boxes and sill runner
  • Sizes up to 9m wide, 3.2m drop, 28m²
  • Unobtrusive – there when you need them & hidden when not
  • Replaceable – shades can be replaced, should the customer’s needs change
  • Made to order to specific requirements
  • No gaps – fabrics are fully retained in the frame
  • Fabric is held securely by top and bottom tabs
  • S4 can be mounted inside or outside
  • Sill cover is quick and simple to remove for easy cleaning
  • Single, Double, Combination and Corner configurations
  • Aluminium frame can be customised to colour match

Maximise inside-outside living without the inconvenience of insects, glare and loss of privacy! Contact us on sales@waverley.co.uk to discuss your project.

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