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What are the best blinds for gable end windows?

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Gable end windows not only look stunning, they also flood the room with natural daylight at ceiling level giving any space an airy feel. It’s important that any window blind solution used is as unobtrusive as possible to enhance the effect of this popular design feature.

A couple of primary considerations when choosing blinds for gable end windows:

  1. The reason why glazed gable ends are incorporated into a building’s design is generally to maximise the amount of natural daylight entering the building. Because of this a blind that retracts fully when not in use is the best option.
  2. Gable end glazing is typically high above floor level meaning electrically operated blinds are by far the easiest to use.

With these two considerations in mind, we would recommend an electrically operated roller blind that is mounted at the bottom of the window and is pulled up by tensioned cords. The following video of a recent installation will make more sense than any written description:


The blind disappears from view when not in use, leaving the window unobstructed (except the tension cords that are barely visible) and when shading, room darkening or privacy is required then the blind gives excellent coverage. The blind in this video is fitted with a blackout fabric, but screen fabrics which reduce heat and glare whilst allowing natural light into the room as well as maintaining a view through the window are also available.

The blind is operated by a wall mounted or hand held remote control switch and the blind can be raised to any position. The electric motor is concealed inside the roller tube that the fabric is mounted to. The only electrical requirement is a 13amp switched fused spur within 1m of the roller.

Bottom-up roller blinds like this are ideal for covering any triangular or trapezoidal shaped glazing.

If you have a project with this type of requirement, please contact us.

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