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What is a stretch ceiling?

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The ceiling design is a pivotal part of a room, drawing the eye and framing all other aspects of the décor. We explore what stretch ceilings are, what the design possibilities are, and interior design advantages.

You may already be familiar with the concept of a dropped ceiling. The height is adjusted by adding a lower structure than initially provided by the room’s construction. A stretched ceiling is a variation of this principle, offering various highly creative solutions.

This article looks more closely at what’s involved with a stretch ceiling, and ways to make this an uplifting element of your client’s interior design.

How are stretch ceilings created?

The basic components of a stretch ceiling are a semi-concealed frame, or track, around the edges of the room, and a choice of materials carefully fixed to that. The secure fit is achieved by heat and a harpoon style system welded into the stretchable element during manufacture.

You may immediately think of fabric in this context. However, the various types of stretch ceilings use specially constructed lightweight membranes that are durable and available in an infinite number of designs.

The benefits of adding a stretch ceiling

One of the main reasons to utilise a stretch ceiling is to adjust the room’s focal point and create a feature ceiling at the optimum height.

The height and decoration of the ceiling has a substantial impact on the rest of the room, and the reaction of its occupants. Too low, and it can make the space feel smaller and more oppressive. Higher ceilings can be seen as more ‘freeing’ but if you go too far the room can seem cavernous and cold.

There are even scientific studies to support the view that a correctly proportioned ceiling can capture attention and make people want to explore their surroundings more, as well as providing a sense of positivity.

Another benefit of stretch ceilings is that you can use one of the stunning design options to mask any imperfections in the existing upper structure. Creating a stretch ceiling is quicker than adding plasterboard or repairing significant aesthetic issues.

Finally, you may simply want to add a stretch ceiling as it’s a superb way to match the trending interior design themes.

Examples of stretch ceiling styles

Estée Lauder - Barrisol Mirror Stretch Ceiling

There are designs, profiles, trims and accessories that enable you to personalise the appearance and function of stretch ceilings.

For example, with a traditional stretch ceiling, it’s possible to select from 230 different colours and 15 finishes, and then add in such things as downlighters and air conditioning vents, as well as home and office safety measures such as smoke alarms and sprinkler heads.

Other options include:

Illuminated ceiling

An illuminated stretch ceiling is especially spectacular in workplace interiors. Various types and levels of lighting can be secured in place before an appropriate membrane is stretched across. By varying the light diffusion properties of the membrane, you can either have a uniform or variable light effect.

Mirror ceiling

Mirror ceilings can look amazing in contemporary homes, as well as in business premises, and finding a quick and lightweight installation method can be highly advantageous.

A mirror stretch ceiling relies on a stretchable membrane with excellent reflective properties, something we are able to offer to customers.

Acoustic ceiling

One of the best ways to manage the acoustic properties of a room is to invest in a stretch ceiling specially engineered to reduce reverberation and improve sound qualities.

The acoustic stretch ceilings we supply offer four configurations that can be adapted to suit both the form and function of your room.

Custom Printed ceiling

Your client may require a custom printed ceiling – that could involve adding their company logo to the interior design, or requesting a made-to-order ceiling that features artwork, photography or a hand-drawn concept.

There are no limits, with a custom printed stretch ceiling from Waverly.

Any questions about stretch ceilings?

Now you have an answer to what is a stretch ceiling, you may be wondering if it’s possible to install one in your client’s property.

This is a highly versatile option for homes and workplaces, as the configuration can be adjusted to match all sorts of apertures and structural quirks.

Nor does this stretch effect need to be a traditional arch or flat ceiling. Using our design expertise and advanced ceiling membranes, it is possible to include curves, vaults, domes and other shapes in this eye-catching and durable structure.

Explore your design options and get a personalised quote for stretch ceilings, by contacting the customer service team at Waverly.

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