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What are the best blackout blinds for hotels? 

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If your project involves sourcing shading solutions for a hotel, it is important to consider what will benefit the hotel guests the most. Hotel owners and managers will naturally want to ensure their guests have the best night’s sleep possible. One way to achieve this is to install blackout blinds, but what are the best blackout blinds for hotels?

Blackout blinds prevent light from entering a room more efficiently than standard blinds as they are usually thicker and engineered to block light more effectively. In a hotel, where guest satisfaction is paramount, blackout blinds can help guarantee a dark and peaceful environment for the guests to sleep in.

Blackout blinds can also help control the temperature in a room by blocking heat, which is a further benefit for guests. If you’d like to install blackout blinds in a hotel that will please both the hotel manager and the guests, read the guide below to discover what the best blackout blinds are for hotels.

Types of blackout blinds

Blackout blinds for hotels in action

When a hotel manager invests in high-quality blackout blinds for a luxury hotel, it can truly enhance the relaxation and sleep experience of the guests. There are two primary types of blackout blinds you may wish to consider installing…

1. Blackout fabric on roller blinds

If your client is looking for a cost-effective option for upgrading the blinds in a hotel, you can simply update existing roller blinds with blackout fabric. This ensures no light can penetrate the fabric, however, the blinds are not framed with side channels, therefore you will experience substantial light leak around the edges of the blind.

2. Fully framed blinds with side channels to prevent light from protruding through the side of the blind.

Specially designed blinds with side channels can ensure no light creeps into a hotel room and provides the utmost in darkness and relaxation.

The best blackout blind products

  • ShadeTech DBZ-E

ShadeTech DBZ-E is a blackout blind with fully framed side channels. The side channels efficiently lock the fabric in place to prevent light from entering through the side of the blind. In the hospitality industry, the ShadeTech DBZ-E is agreed to be one of the most robust and durable blackout blinds due to its zipper ribbon which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric to create a super-strong, flat join.

The purpose of the zipper ribbon is to prevent the fabric from being pulled out of the channel, which would let light escape. The zipper securely holds the side channel and allows the blind to run freely and be operated quietly and smoothly.

  • Lutron

Your clients that have worked in the hotel industry for an extensive amount of time will no doubt be familiar with Lutron roller blinds. Often the go-to for hotels, Lutron have a wide range of blackout blinds to choose from that link with their existing blind automation systems, some of which are compatible with side channels for a complete blackout effect.

  • Draper

Powered by Lutron, Draper Flexshade Platinum is a good choice for hotels as it helps to reduce glare and is available in a wide range of colours. This ensures the blind systems in the hotel can be upgraded without having to change the existing colour scheme.

  • ShadeTech DBZ-E – Powered by Lutron

ShadeTech DBZ-E is the ultimate combination of Lutron and ShadeTech technology. Its robust system blocks out light and can be integrated with existing Lutron hotel automation systems. It should be noted, however, that the size range is limited so this option may not be suitable for all hotels.

Choosing blackout blinds for your client’s project not only ensures that the guests will be happy, but it also means the hotel manager will be happy. Happy guests mean fewer complaints for them to deal with! Also, blackout blinds are incredibly long-lasting and hard-wearing, so you can have peace of mind that the investment will benefit the hotel for the long term. The best blackout blinds for hotels will depend on the hotel’s needs. For example, if the hotel has an existing Lutron automation system, the best blind upgrade would be ShadeTech DBZ-E that is powered by Lutron, but where there is no existing system, a more cost-effective solution may be a better fit.

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