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Can a white roller blind screen fabric cut out glare?

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In our daily visits to architects and interior designers we’re noticing that white screen fabric is a really popular choice when selecting blind fabrics. This blog explains the pros and cons of using white and introduces the ‘ultimate’ white fabric that ticks all boxes.

Pros: Apart from being a clean, fresh and neutral colour, white works in with any décor scheme which is one reason why it is commonly used. White screen fabrics also provide privacy whilst letting in natural light, although be aware that from outside at night, silhouettes can be visible if the interior is lit. Every screen fabric includes a white colour in its range giving you a plethora of different fabrics to choose from. Blinds hardware (brackets, bottom bars and plastic fittings) are usually white, which matches well with a white fabric.

Cons: The main problem with white screen fabrics is their poor performance at reducing glare. This is particularly an issue in office and school environments where poor glare control affects productivity. Whilst white fabric reduces heat by reflecting the solar energy, the white yarns of a standard screen fabric create a huge amount of diffused light which can in some instances increase glare rather than reduce it.

A commonly held myth that white fabrics give better vision through the fabric than a dark fabric is another reason why white is sometimes specified. The truth is that because the human eye focuses on light not darkness, a dark screen fabric at the window means we focus on the light we see beyond the fabric and actually allows us to see more of the outside world. Another obvious drawback of white is its tendency to show dirt and other marks. If a PVC coated fiberglass screen fabric is being used this is negligible as such marks can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth.

So, the question we are being asked a lot is: Is there a white fabric (other than a blackout fabric) that is effective at reducing glare? The answer is YES!

Silverscreen fabric – the most effective window blind fabric at reducing heat & glare

Verosol Silverscreen is a screen fabric available in a 2% or 4% openness factor. The 2% openness fabric allows just 3% of visible light through the fabric and the 4% openness allows 6% of visible light through. Contrast this with a standard white screen fabric with 3% openness which lets 18-20% of visible light through and you can appreciate how effective this fabric is at reducing glare.

As the name suggests, Silverscreen has a reflective ‘silver’ coating on one side of the fabric which is sprayed onto the fabric during production. As well as insulating the building interior against heat, the metal coating provides a solid barrier against light meaning diffused light through the fabric yarn is eradicated. The gaps in the fabric (the openness) is the only route for light enter the room. See the image below:

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