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Confidential Client, London


Interior Designer
Alessia Tudor Ltd



Service Delivered

Using a combination of 66 motorised and manual roller blinds alongside 12 coil mesh curtains and suspended tracks to enhance the office space for a confidential client.

Interior Design Specialists Alessia Tudor Ltd approached us to work on a complex but stunning Cat B fitout concept for a confidential client situated near Kensington High Street.

The Requirements

With the focus on a modern office interior and a strong nod to the companies’ history in the plan, the design gave our Specification Team the opportunity to get creative.

A combination of motorised and manual roller blinds with high performance metallised fabrics were required to provide excellent glare and heat gain control, whilst still maintaining a view to the outside.

Furthermore, a decorative feature throughout parts of the office was also included in the brief; something that would add a ‘wow factor’ to the space.

Our Solution

With that in mind, our Specification Team specified our DrapeTech Coil Mesh to be suspended on v-hangers and vertical rods, fixed via an aluminium U-channel profile in a black powdercoat finish throughout much of the office space.

The colour of the mesh itself was a combination of Light Bronze, Fire and Pale Gold, to provide a stunning finish that really grabs the attention of anyone entering the space.

Decorative gold coil mesh curtains hanging over an office space

The varying colours and heights of the mesh created a luxurious feel in the office, shimmering underneath the spotlights, to emphasise how decorative curtains can really transform a space.

Elsewhere, we specified our SilverScreen® metallised fabric for the roller blinds, as this is the highest performing blind fabric in our range when it comes to energy efficiency. The fabric can reflect up to 85% of solar energy entering a building through the glazing.

The five motorised blinds were powered by QMotion’s near-silent motor, complete with four pre-set intermediate stop positions, manual override and precise hembar alignment, while we specified our RBL-C chain operated systems for the remaining 61 roller blinds.

The Outcome

As you can see, the effect created by the coil mesh really does bring the office space to life and add a sense of grandeur.

If you’d like to discuss coil mesh curtains, metallised blinds or high performance blind fabrics for your project, contact us and our expert team will happily assist you.

Alternatively, sign up to our RIBA-accredited CPD presentation for more information on metallised and performance fabrics. The 45-minute presentation discusses both topics in greater detail, and includes a lightbox demonstration to highlight the effectiveness of metallised fabrics.

  • RBL-C roller blinds in the boardroom for a confidential client
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