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How can curtain tracks & blinds be totally concealed when not in use?

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Designed to Disappear – Shading when Needed 

Blinds appearing only when needed and then magically disappearing when not in use?  This is not just a dream but now reality, thanks to BL’NDSPACE!  

Blindspace is a blind box system which is designed to conceal any type of blind at any size of window.  It ensures that the blind hardware, including side channels and cords, are all concealed when not in use.  Only the fabric is visible when the blind is deployed.

Recessed Curtain Tracks

Blindspace also provide the ReeseTM recessed curtain track solution which works with curtain tracks such as Silent Gliss and Lutron.  The result is a minimalist design where the tracks fully blend in flush with the ceiling. Tracks and end-sets can be emulsion painted to perfectly match the ceiling.

Clean and Dust Free

Because the blind is completely concealed in the boxing, rooflight blinds do not protrude and create a ledge to harbour dust.  

Electric tensioned roller blind systems can also be completely hidden from view when not in use, without reducing the size of the opening.

Any Blind Type or Size can be Concealed

Blindspace aluminium extrusions create cavities in the sides of the recess so that any blind hardware is concealed.  The profile is available in a range of sizes so that even the largest blind can be installed.  

Removable fascia plates, finished and painted to match surrounding walls or ceilings, allow the actual blinds to be installed at the end of the project after all the other internal plastering and decorating is complete.  They also give access to the blinds for servicing and repairs.  

All that can be seen is a thin groove around the edge of the opening.  When the blind is operated, the fabric cover appears from behind the recess and runs inside the groove on either side.  

Blindspace is a very neat system, very popular with interior designers and architects working on prime residential and commercial projects, allowing the essential functionality of solar shading without harming the aesthetics of the interior décor.

We work with architects, interior designers and contractors, by supplying the specialised blind box or track housing, for installation ahead of the blind or track system.

For more images of how Blindspace works: Download Bl’ndspace Brochure

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