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How to conceal electric roller blinds

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While electric roller blinds represent some of the most efficient and durable window coverings on the market, they can negatively affect the style of a space if left uncovered and when developing beautiful interiors there is a now a fast growing trend to conceal them.

Why should I conceal my electric roller blinds?

Minimalism is all the rage in the world of interior design at the moment. If seeking a clean, elegant, and airy look then electric roller blinds are a great way to boost light exposure and embrace a hyper-modern look, with all the benefits of modern technology such as automation and integration with other systems and apps.

Of course, while motorised blinds are very convenient, the mechanism can look a little clunky or distracting when not in use. To enhance your minimalist credentials and distract attention away from unattractive fixtures, it’s worth investing in special concealment technologies.

Blind concealments come in a range of different styles and types, each of which has its own pros and cons. To help you understand why we at Waverley offer the best concealment options on the market, we’ve put together a quick guide below.

How are blinds concealed?

Sitting room with conceal electric roller blinds

Electric roller blinds can be concealed in a number of different ways, depending on aesthetic preferences and space. Some blinds can be hidden inside a ceiling or wall, while others may be covered with more traditional pelmets. Here are a few options:

1. Pelmets

Pelmets often consist of timber frameworks that are placed above a window and can be adorned with paint or fabric if desired. They are suitable for all types of blinds or windows but are starting to become less fashionable due to minimalist trends.

2. Aluminium fasciae

It is possible to hide roller mechanisms with a simple strip of powder-coated aluminium. These fasciae can look good in offices or commercial spaces. However, they can be distracting and can also look a little cheap in domestic areas.

3. Blind boxes or ceiling pockets

With blind boxes, the roller mechanism can be hidden inside the ceiling or the wall, depending on the style of the windows. Most commonly, in residential settings a headbox is used to conceal blind mechanisms on windows and doors. However, if using blackout blinds there may also be a need to add side and bottom boxes to maximise protection against external light.

It is possible to fit blind boxes or ceiling pockets during or after construction, and it is easy to repair or replace certain models if necessary.

It is worth noting that blinds should be fixed as close as possible to windows and doors to minimise the size of gaps through which light can travel. As well as improving the efficiency of the blinds, this boosts privacy and increases the amount of warm air circulating within a room.

Where should I purchase a ceiling pocket?


Some clients invest in Blindspace ceiling pockets, which are specialist products that can be plastered into the ceiling or wall to conceal electric roller blinds. They are great for homeowners who want to allow access for maintenance or repairs, but they are very expensive compared to other options on the market. Blindspace also offers full closure plates that allows installation of a blind pocket into the ceiling which can then be covered and decorated, meaning it is only visible when you need to install blinds.

Standard ceiling pockets, on the other hand, are great for concealing unattractive blind motors on a budget. These ceiling pockets are great for adding the final touches to a minimalist room and can’t be plastered or painted over, ensuring a clean finish.

Invest in roller blind concealments today

Hiding the blinds when not in use is one of the best ways to ensure your client’s home stays looking cool and contemporary. Cables, motors, headrails, and other electrical fittings can seriously impact the overall aesthetic.

Theoretically, any blind can be hidden regardless of when or how it was installed. At Waverley we can offer a range of ceiling pocket solutions to match any need and budget and will take the time  to discuss your project and requirements in detail. For bespoke and customisable solutions, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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