Creation Baumann Cavallo Piu Curtain Fabric

Composition:80% Wool, 20% Polyamide
Widths:155 cm
Weight:350 g/m²
Cleaning:Dry Clean (Length shrinkage 1.5%)

Product Description

Cavallo Piu is an upholstery and heavy curtain fabric.  It is a refined milled wool cloth with a soft feel.  This established classic is available in a comprehensive colour palette ranging from neutral wool colours to strong accent shades.  The use of coloured fibres generates an interesting look which is strengthened further by piece dying.

The fabric has outstanding acoustic qualities.

It should be noted that this fabric is not fire retardant so is unsuitable for commercial projects.


Long Life


Care Instructions

Cavallo Piu is dry clean only (allow for length shrinkage of 1.5%).