Creation Baumann Secret Curtain Fabric

Composition: 100% Flame Retardant Polyester
Widths: 300 cm
Weight: 358 g/m²
Fire Rating: BS 5867, M1
Cleaning: 40 or 60 degrees or dry clean

Product Description

Secret is a textured dimout fabric with a 300 cm wide width.  It has a natural, linen-like weave texture on the facing side and a dense, satin-like uni surface for darkening interiors on the reverse. The piece-dyed fabric, with its soft feel and drape qualities, is available in 21 contemporary shades. It can be washed at 60° and is the ideal dimout curtain for both residential furnishing and the contract sector.


Long Life

Flame Retardant

Easy to Clean

Dim out


Care Instructions

Secret can be machine washed at either 40 degrees or 60 degrees on a gentle cycle and also dry cleaned.  Allow 0.5% length shrinkage for a 40 degree wash and 1% length shrinkage for a 60 degree wash or dry clean.  Do not tumble dry.