Creation Baumann Sport Curtain Fabric

Composition:70% Flame Retardant Polyester, 30% Polyester
Widths:300 cm
Weight:270 g/m²
Fire Rating:DIN 4102 B1
Cleaning:40 or 60 degrees or dry clean

Product Description


Sport is a decorative fabric with an opaque, delicately textured basic quality for multifarious applications. The double threaded linen weave generates a dry, slightly grainy, mat surface. The comprehensive colour palette ranges from subdued natural hues to fresh accent colours and elegant and refined shades.

The fabric has sound absorption of Alpha value 0.80.


Long Life

Flame Retardant

Easy to Clean


Care Instructions

Sport can be machine washed at 40 or 60 degrees on a gentle cycle or dry cleaned.  Allow 0.5% length shrinkage for a 40 degree wash and 1% length shrinkage for 60 degree wash or dry clean.  Do not tumble dry.