Edmund Bell Regency Velvet Curtain Fabric

Composition:100% Cotton Pile Velvet
Widths:120 cm
Fire Rating:BS 5867 Part 2 B
Cleaning:Dry Clean Only

Product Description

Velvet by nature is considered a natural blackout fabric, the thick pile making it a very effective light blocking fabric whilst dampening external noise.  Regency curtain velvet also has natural thermal qualities, keeping a room cool from the glare of the sun or reducing heat loss, which also improves energy efficiency.

This flame retardant curtain velvet is available in narrow width in 22 colours, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any interior scheme.

Regency Velvet is widely used across the hospitality, education and workplace markets, and can also be used in a domestic setting.


Long Life

Flame Retardant

Dim out


Care Instructions

Regency Velvet should be dry cleaned only.  The non-durable flame retardant finish will withstand up to 6 water-free dry cleaning cycles.

If wetted in any way, it is essential to re-treat the fabric to maintain performance.