Vescom Carmen Curtain Fabric

Composition:100% Inherent FR Polyester
Widths:150 cm
Weight:136 gsm
Fire Rating:BS 5867–2, type C, DIN 4102, B1
Cleaning:30 or 70 degree wash or dry clean

Product Description

Carmen is a sheer fabric which has a 3-dimensional rib lengthwise with the brilliance of melting ice.

Noise is disruptive. It interrupts communication, reduces job performance and causes fatigue. Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabrics are designed to combat sound pollution and its negative health effects while maintaining connection in today’s open-plan environments.

Carmen is an acoustic fabric with ISO 354 alphaw 0.5 sound absorption, making it ideal for offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and multi-functional spaces. Equally ideal for interiors rich in sound-reflective surfaces such as concrete, glass and marble.


Long Life

Flame Retardant

Easy to Clean



Care Instructions


shrinkage: warp -0.3% / weft -0.3%

shrinkage: warp -0.6% / weft -0.4%