Vescom Fogo Curtain Fabric

Composition:100% Inherent FR polyester
Widths:304 cm
Weight:362 gsm
Fire Rating:BS 5867–2, type C, DIN 4102, B1
Cleaning:30 or 50 degree wash or dry clean

Product Description

Fogo is a semi-transparent fabric with length effect, available in a range of subtle neutral shades.

Vescom curtain fabrics are designed to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings.

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer searching for something that blends in or stands out, Vescom’s high-performance collection of curtain fabrics has the ideal option for every space in the contract market.


Long Life

Flame Retardant

Easy to Clean


Care Instructions

shrinkage: warp -3.1% / weft -0.5%

shrinkage: warp -3.8% / weft -0.8%