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Safety considerations when specifying blinds for your project

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BS EN 13120 legislation relating to looped blind cords in publicly accessible areas came into effect in February 2014. Blinds installed in areas where children under the age of 42 months are likely to have access must comply with the legislation.

When specifying blinds for projects in schools, hospitals and residential areas, make sure to consider blinds which are “safe by design” first. Electric blinds or blinds with rod or wand controls typically fall under the ‘safe by design’ category.

Roller blinds operated by a geared crank rod which can be permanently affixed or detachable are a popular ‘safe by design’ option. The robust nature of these roller blinds makes them an ideal solution for schools and other high use environments. Gear operation is also available for vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

Electrically operated blinds are also ‘safe by design’ having no chain or cords. The blinds are operated via a wall-mounted or hand-held remote control switch. Greater functionality can be introduced by linking the blinds to sun sensors and timers.

Battery operated roller blinds are another option to consider with rapid advances in battery technology, solar rechargeable batteries are now available. An additional benefit to battery blinds is that they require no electrical wiring.

View our range of ‘safe by design’ geared crank rod roller blinds and electric roller blinds as well as wand operated vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

Find out more about the BS EN13120 law relating to the installation of blinds in publicly accessible areas.

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