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Smart by Silent Gliss: Seamless Two-Way Integration

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The SMART control system by Silent Gliss is totally compatible with leading home control systems such as Control 4, Rako, KNX and Crestron, making this a great add-on to any project you are planning.

This system is a full two-way communication, so that it provides a simple “plug and play” addition to a building management system (BMS), integrating blinds and curtains with lighting, heating and audio.

Energy Efficiency

Blinds and curtains can be controlled to open and close according to the level of sunlight throughout the day.

Flexibility & Ambience

Curtains and blinds can for example be scheduled to open and close at set times of day, with the option to override and adjust them at any point. Benefits of incorporating this intelligence include complex scene settings, bottom bar alignment and up-synchronisation.

Convenience: for you & your customer

Window shading is operated from the same device that controls lighting, heating and audio. It simply gives your customer more choice with their smart home experience, with the knowledge that blinds and curtains will integrate flawlessly.

The Smart system works with Silent Gliss motorised curtain track, roller blinds, roman blinds, dimout blinds, panel glide and metropoles, and combinations of shading together.

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