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Golden coil mesh curtains above the escalator at 155 Bishopsgate

Using Coil Mesh curtains to elevate spaces

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When people think of curtains, their first thought is usually the everyday curtain used in homes across the UK.

However not all curtains are designed just to be drawn across the windows for warmth, or to keep the heat out on a hot day in summer.

Coil mesh curtains are used to create stunning interior spaces and to divide rooms in quite a theatrical way.

They can also be used as a ceiling feature, where the coil mesh is often hung to make a beautiful chandelier or centrepiece. 

Where is coil mesh used?

Traditionally, we’ve seen strong demand for coil mesh curtains within the hospitality industry. Bars, hotels, restaurants and even some coffee shops have benefitted from the attractive gleam created by the mesh screens.  

However more recently, we have been installing more in commercial office spaces.

Above: Our DrapeTech Coil Mesh installed at British Land’s redevelopment of 155 Bishopsgate in August 2022.

Companies appear to have placed a high priority on upgrading their working environment, in an attempt to modernise the office and give employees a workplace to be proud of, as many of us start returning to the office on a regular basis.

And coil mesh partitions do just this by creating dramatic meeting spaces and incredible communal areas.

As previously mentioned, the use is not restricted just to curtains though. Coil mesh ceiling features can give buildings a sense of luxury and glamour, especially in public and communal spaces. 

Technical details

In terms of form, there are three variables which affect the specification. 

Gauge – This relates to the thickness of the coils and the size of the hole they create. A standard coil creates a 4.8mm void, but a heavier gauge uses 6.3mm holes. 

Fullness – A decorative screen can hang completely flat as a panel or provide a more curtain-like ripple with a fullness of 25, 50 or 100%. 

Track – Our expertise in suspension, track and glider design turns the architect’s vision into an achievable project.

Coil mesh curtains can be mounted in static, hand-drawn or motorised configurations. Our installation experts can advise on track options, taking into account your preferences and performance criteria but also the strength of your anchoring substrate. 

Coil mesh design considerations

Office space with coil mesh suspended from the ceiling

Design – Mesh screens can be straight or curved. If the designer wants a curved track, this requires a minimum radius of 300mm. We can install the curtain track direct to the ceiling or suspended so there is a gap above it. Clearly, if your space features exposed services, some form of suspension will be needed. 

Operational or static – Not all screens move! Mesh curtains can be installed as static panels. They can also be operated manually or through a motorised system. The high-tech glide rollers mean that mesh curtains are easy to move by hand. 

Substrate – Coil mesh, even the aluminium variety, is heavier than fabric. So coil mesh needs a good substrate into which we can anchor the track or the suspension rods. 

If you opt for a moveable curtain, you may need to strengthen the fixings at the end to which the screen is drawn back. When all the weight is focused on one point on the track, that needs to be reinforced. 

Stack location – When pulled back, the stack depth (how much space the open curtain occupies) depends on its fullness. Coil mesh curtains typically take up more space than fabric ones.

An open decorative screen with up to 50% fullness stacks to 220mm per metre of curtain. At 100% fullness, this rises to 330mm per metre – so the opening is no more than 2/3 of the curtain length. Mesh curtains cannot be tied back. 

The DrapeTech Coil Mesh data sheet provides more detail. 

Decorative colours and finishes

Coil mesh is typically made from aluminium which can be finished in a wide range of metallic tints; bronze, brass, pewter, gunmetal and gold to name a few.

Custom colours are also in high demand, as the base metal can also be powder-coated to match the customer’s interior design scheme.

Most designers choose a single colour throughout the panel, but you can also have stripes and colour variations too.


Coil mesh decorative curtains are a stunning way of creating modern and luxurious interiors. The metallic rings reflect light, glimmering in sunlight, moonlight or artificial light alike.

If you would like to hear more or receive material samples then please get in touch with us!

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