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Vario by Création Baumann – a flexible acoustic divider system that reduces noise by 23dB

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More space, more room to move, more creativity. Open space in workplace design brings new freedoms. But not every one is an advantage.

Open space becomes flexible space

Unless addressed, open spaces with glass and concrete surfaces lead to increasing sound levels and noise pollution within the workplace. As flexible office space becomes increasingly common, so does the challenge of accommodating different work environments in the same space.

The modern workplace requires space for meetings, space for teams, space for focus, space for collaboration – the challenge is designing an environment that equally supports different ways of working.

Fig 1: Changing the traditional open-plan office to a ‘hybrid workplace’ that accommodates all forms of work – (Source: Work Design Magazine)

Cost-effective and flexible

Traditionally, separating room areas acoustically has been associated with complex and expensive construction measures. Textile manufacturer Création Baumann have developed an effective, flexible and attractive textile solution that divides room background noise cost-effectively.

Called ‘Vario’, the new Acoustic Divider System creates attractive acoustic zones that are up to 23 decibels quieter, reducing disruption and restoring focus. The system is made up of several layers of acoustic textile and NoiseBlocker rubber membrane, which significantly reduces background noise.

Fig. 2 – With many acoustic textile options available, Vario positions itself as a highly customisable acoustic solution for the modern workplace.

Together with the Department of Engineering and Architecture at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Création Baumann’s textile designers have developed a synthetic rubber that achieves unprecedented sound insulation with just one layer.

Fig. 3 – Vario is made up of layers of acoustic fabric and ‘NoiseSilencer’ rubber membrane, ensuring optimal acoustic performance.

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