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Waverley support Hertfordshire Scouts work in Swaziland

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Waverley has donated £150 to boy scout William Haslam, who has set himself the task of raising £2,000 to help the Hertfordshire Scouts provide the necessary funding to complete the construction and fit-out of a community centre in Swaziland.

The project will provide recreational and educational facilities for a small community that is far away from any large town. Its purpose is to bring the community and the children of the village together and provide a foundation to build their lives in their homeland and in the wider world.

This very passionate and dedicated group of people in Swaziland have devoted their time and effort to create a fantastic project and with the help of the Hertfordshire Scouts and many contributions from families, friends, and associates over the past 6-7 years, they have managed to build the core of the building against all odds. They are now in the stages of completing the building and landscaping; they then need to fit out and bring the Centre to life.

With a long history of working in the education sector, the Waverley team are passionate about creating environments that make learning easier and we are glad to show our support for William and his fellow Scouts!

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