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What is a blackout blind?

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A popular choice for school or office spaces, a ‘blackout blind’ refers to a blind designed to ‘cut out the light’ and is a term used by architects and facilities managers alike. Within this post, we will cover the two different blind types that are commonly called ‘blackout blinds’ in order for you to choose the right option for your project.

Within the blinds industry, a ‘blackout blind’ is a roller blind with opaque fabric housed inside a cassette. The fabric runs within side channels to block out all light around the edges. Most manufacturers call these blinds a ‘dim-out blind’ as there are very few blinds that will actually guarantee 100% blackout.

‘Dim-out’ blinds will achieve the correct level of room darkening for school science labs and theatrical performances as well as AV presentations in office boardrooms. Blinds that will guarantee 100% light exclusion are only required in exceptional circumstances i.e photographic laboratories.
A standard roller blind with a blackout fabric is often called a ‘blackout blind’ by contractors and facilities managers and whilst the fabric is entirely opaque with no light penetrating through there will always be light leakage around the sides. These blinds are commonly used in schools to provide adequate shading for interactive whiteboards.

There are, however, alternative fabrics available for this application such as ShadeTech’s SmartShade fabric.So, to ensure you get the right solution – if you require maximum light exclusion ask your supplier for a ‘blackout blind’ or a ‘dim-out blind’. If a reasonable degree of light exclusion is acceptable then request a ‘roller blind with opaque fabric’.

Important note: Not all blackout blinds are equal. There are some really key design features to look out for to make sure your blackout blinds perform properly for years to come. Read our ‘important considerations when purchasing blackout blinds’ blog.


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