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New ShadeTech RBL-CS Child-Safe Roller Blind

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We are pleased to add this product to our range of ShadeTech roller blind systems.

Although ostensibly – once installed – they are the same to look at, the RBL-CS differs from regular chain-operated roller blinds as it has an internal “breakaway” mechanism. In dangerous situations (not in daily use) the chain cog only releases from the control end set. After release, the chain cog can be replaced very easily.

Installing this blind removes the need for chain retainers to be fitted for the installation to be deemed child-safe, as the system complies with child safety legislation.

This type of blind is suitable for use in schools and offices, and indeed any public building. It is available in our complete range of blind fabrics to provide privacy, glare and heat control, or room darkening.

The Child-Safe blind system is also useful in DDA compliance situations, where stopping chains at 1500mm above finished floor level makes blinds very difficult to operate by wheelchair users.

It should be noted that the Child-Safe Roller Blind is not anti-ligature.

Visit the product page to download a data sheet: ShadeTech RBL-CS Child-Safe Roller Blind

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