Verosol Omniascreen Blind Fabric

Composition: 75% PVC, 25% PET
Widths: 2400mm
Thickness: 0.55mm
Weight: 440g/m2
Openness Factor: 3-4%
Fire Rating: NFPA701, NFPA 92503, BS5867 Part 2 Type B
Cleaning: Wipe gently with damp cloth
Environmental Credentials: Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Greenguard Gold

Product Description

OmniaScreen® is a similar fabric to SilverScreen and can be used on projects where budgets do not allow for the ultimate high performance of SilverScreen.

OmniaScreen still boasts a performance of 74% reflectance of solar energy making it the best performing fabric in its price range.  It is phthalate free.

Created with the same innovative metallisation process as Verosol SilverScreen, OmniaScreen has an ultra-thin layer of highly reflective aluminium on the back that helps to control temperature effectively without blocking the view to the outside.

Suitable for use with ShadeTech, Draper & Lutron Roller blinds and Silent Gliss Panel Glide Blinds.


Thermal Comfort

Long Life

Through Visibility

Visual Comfort

Flame Retardant

Tear Resistance

Easy to Clean


Fabric can be joined

Thermal Control Values

Colour Code Tv Ts Rs As
Black FB01 5% 6% 74% 20%
Dark Grey FB02 5% 6% 74% 20%
Brown FB03 5% 6% 74% 20%
Light Grey FD03 5% 6% 74% 20%
Beige FD02 5% 6% 74% 20%
White FD01 5% 6% 74% 20%

Glare Control:

Tv = % of visible light transmitted through fabric

Thermal Control:

As = % of solar energy absorbed by fabric
Rs = % of solar energy reflected by fabric
Ts = % of solar energy transmitted through fabric

Care Instructions

Verosol OmniaScreen can be cleaned by wiping gently with a damp cloth.