S3 - Synchronised Solar Shading

Through leveraging open protocols via KNX® and SMI® blind motors, our new S3 Synchronised Solar Shading system seamlessly interacts with any Building Management System.

With sustainability and cost-effectiveness being prevalent in architects and designers' minds, innovative solar shading solutions that optimise building performance are providing huge opportunities to impact a building's efficiency and energy management. Beneficial to contractors is the reduced number of components an S3 Synchronised Solar Shading solution requires. This means less wiring, quicker and more cost-effective installations and easier system management.

Enhanced natural lighting

Reduced cooling load

Improved thermal comfort

Natural ventilation

Occupancy based control

Maximised fabric performance

Future-proof systems

Product Spotlight

S3 Core

S3 Core comprises of a quiet 230v intelligent and programmable tubular hardwired motor with positional feedback. The parallel connection wiring system drastically reduces the amount of cable requirement needed on installation, providing a cost saving. The S3 Core system is designed primarily for areas in which solar shading is needed for smaller and individual areas rather than where integration into a BMS is required. The operation method for S3 Core is via standard push-button switching.

Product Spotlight

S3 Advanced

While sharing the same basic functionalities as its predecessor, S3 Advanced elevates automated solar shading to the next level. S3 Advanced can be linked to BMS via Tridium Jace controllers to provide standard time clock operations and head end functionality for system monitoring, adjusting and fault finding. The option of customisable control via KNX switches provides multiple aligned stop positions and full floor control, alongside the smaller areas.

Product Spotlight

S3 Premium

S3 Premium is the epitome of intelligent solar shading. In addition to Core and Advanced features, S3 Premium has can be programmed to astro time clocks, energy management systems and advanced sun tracking systems using 3d building or KNX positional data modelling. This ensures optimised glare and heat gain control, while our energy management system utilises data from occupancy and internal temperature sensors to maximise a building's efficiency.

S3 System OptionsS3 CoreS3 AdvancedS3 Premium
Individual Area Control
Floor Control / Basic Building Control
Full Building Control
BMS Link Via Jace (BacNET)
Basic Switch Operation, Hardwired
KNX Switching
KNX Touch Screen (Customisable)
Intermediate Positions with Alignment1 onlyup to 16 only0-100%
Fault Findinglimited
Basic Time Clock Functionality
Astro Time Clock Functionality
Basic Head End Functionality
Customisable Head End Functionality
Basic Sun Sensor Interface
Pro Sun Tracking System
Weather Management System
Environment Management System

S3 Benefits

Enhanced natural lighting

Our Synchronised Solar Shading systems allow diffuse daylight into the building while blocking direct sunlight. By optimising natural lighting, we can reduce the requirement for artificial lighting which in turn results in lower electricity consumption and the associated CO2 emissions. S3 can be used as part of a daylight harvesting strategy, by working in tandem with light sensors to maintain a desired level of natural light in a space. When the sensors detect sufficient natural light, the blinds can adjust to balance this out and supplement with artificial lighting only when necessary. This approach optimises energy usage by minimising the use of electric lighting during daylight hours.

S3 Components

S3 Blind Fabric Options

Metallised Blind Fabrics

For optimal solar shading performance, we strongly recommend pairing an S3 system with a metallised blind fabrics.

Metallised blind fabrics, like our SilverScreen® fabric, are manufactured with a reflective metallised coating on the back of the fabric and can reflect up to 85% of solar energy entering a building.

The combination of S3 and a metallised fabric ensures the solar shading solution is operating at its full potential and enhancing the energy efficiency of the building.

BetaScreen® 300 Eco Blind Fabric

SilverScreen® Blind Fabric

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