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Confidential Client, London




Service Delivered

Design, manufacture and install of two motorised acoustic curtains and two manually operated acoustic curtains and successfully working around the tricky fixing detail.

Having seen our curtains in another part of the same building, our A&D Team were contacted by the client back in July 2023 to work on their office.

The Requirement

The client required the best performing acoustic curtains possible for the 10th floor and mezzanine areas of their space, in which they regularly host events and large gatherings.

Following a thorough site visit to assess the space, our team identified the areas in which significant attention to detail would be required.

First up was the curtain itself. As performance was of paramount importance, only the best acoustic curtain product would suffice. Therefore, we contacted Creation Baumann to discuss specifying their Vario Acoustic Divider with NoiseBlocker.

The product comprises of two layers of fabric sandwiching a synthetic rubber, offering exceptional acoustic performance. And to provide an indication of the type of product we had specified and how it performs once installed, we took the client to an installation of the same product at a separate location in Shoreditch.

However, the product identified a further challenge: the weight of the curtain. Acoustic curtains are typically much heavier than other types of curtains due to the acoustic properties. Therefore, the track and the fixing needed to withstand this.

But the fixing detail also presented a final hurdle due to the height of the space and the sloped ceiling detail in some areas. Furthermore, the large hush panel and exposed services needed to be meticulously worked around, with pre-determined fixing points identified for the former.

Our acoustic curtains in the tied position and the exposed ceiling area

The Solution

A phased installation approach was required due to the space being a live office throughout the week.

Our team, led by Project Manager Lloyd Palmer, completed the curtain track installation during the first phase to ensure the final height of the curtain drop was as precise as possible to maximise the acoustic performance.

To avoid the services, we directly fixed the curtain tracks on proprietary hangers, which provided a secure fixing and ensured the aesthetics of the space were not compromised. In addition to this, the tracks were specifically designed to slightly overlap the edges of the walls to maximise the visual privacy of the space, as well as the acoustics.

A wide shot looking at the left hand side of the office space and the acoustic curtains in the background

An extremely thorough and collaborative approach from our Sales and Projects teams, alongside Creation Baumann, allowed us to identify a solution that worked for the client, through two manually operated curtains on the mezzanine and two motorised curtains for the full height of the 10th floor.

Our A&D Manager, Dan Voller, worked on the project from its inception and stated:

“We maintained communication with the client throughout the project as there was a lot of moving parts. The job took a huge collaborative effort between the departments at Waverley and our suppliers at Creation Baumann to deliver a final install that the client is really happy with and that is performing to their expectations. I’m delighted with how the project went.”

If you’d like to discuss acoustic curtains for your upcoming projects, please contact us here and our expert team will happily assist you!

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